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Edwards Lifesciences ANZ is pleased to present:
Predictive parameters for managing hypotension in the perioperative setting

In this Edwards Virtual Physiology Lab event, we will review practical and physiological concepts of haemodynamic monitoring across the perioperative and critical care continuum. We’ll explore the role of volume, flow, and pressure management as they relate to physiological changes and commonly performed interventions. This program will utilise footage from comprehensive monitoring in the lab to demonstrate the application of Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software in a variety of physiological conditions and clinical settings.

Course objectives:

1. Review how haemodynamic parameters reflect physiological changes related to volume, flow, and pressure management.

2. Demonstrate the utility of the HPI parameter, as well as dP/dt and Eadyn, to help guide treatment decisions for surgical and critically ill patients

Further to this, early results from an Australian perspective will also be shared.

8th September, 2020
6pm AEST 1.5–2hrs

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